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25 Long Years Of PHE Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Grano Heat Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Focuses on R&D, manufacturing, counselling and service for Plate Heat Exchanger. As the World’s Leading Supplier of Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger, Grano has developed Snap-on Plate Heat Exchanger, welded Plate Heat Exchanger and Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger which could be used in HVAC, power plant, petrochemical, food &pharmaceutical, marine, steel &metal, mechanism etc. Discover Grano, your premier heat exchanger manufacturer with 25 years of excellence.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

Our Products

Our products (plate heat exchanger, gasket and plate) can be the perfect alternative to SPX, APV, GEA, Tranter, Swep, Grano, API. Schmidt, Funke, Thermowave, Vicarb. Grano is one of the leading global suppliers of products and solutions for heat transfer through our key products – heat exchanger, accessories and valve.

Plate Heat exchangers

A plate heat exchanger (PHE) comprises a pack of spaced corrugated plates arranged such that the two heat exchanging fluids flow through alternate spaces in the pack.

PHE Plates

Grano PHE plates are products of over 19 years in the plate heat exchanger industry. Being in heat exchanger parts, service for such a long period, Grano has more cross-brand knowledge than anyone else.

PHE Gaskets

Our extensive PHE gaskets inventory consists of various heat exchanger gasket models. Grano offers PHE gaskets for all Heat Exchanger models.

Diverse Industrial Applications

Application Areas

HVAC Systems

Grano provides efficient plate heat exchangers that are vital for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ensuring comfortable indoor environments in residential and commercial buildings.

Power Generation

Their heat exchangers play a crucial role in power plants, improving energy efficiency and reducing operational costs by optimizing thermal processes.

Petrochemical Industry

Grano’s solutions are used in the petrochemical sector to manage fluid temperatures during processing, crucial for safety and efficiency.

Food and Beverage Processing

The company offers specialized heat exchangers that meet the strict hygiene standards required in the food and beverage industry, ensuring product quality and safety.

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