PHE Plates

PHE Plates

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger | Alfa Laval Plates

Grano PHE plates are products of over 19 years in the plate heat exchanger industry. Being in heat exchanger parts, service for such a long period, Grano has more cross-brand knowledge than anyone else. We've gained a tremendous wealth of information, as well as hired the top Application Engineers. We now offer competitive plate heat exchangers solutions that surpass other OEMs in performance, maintenance, and economy. Our Alfa Laval Plates are also known as plate and frame heat exchangers & Alfa laval heat exchanger.

By keeping over 10,000 plates in stock at all times, Grano has the ability to offer immediate shipment on most requests. Our turnaround time and price is unmatched in the industry. Grano guarantees every plate sold with equal or longer warranty periods compared to the original manufacturer.

Our extensive plate inventory consists Alfa Laval, APV (Pasilac), Tranter/SWEP, GEA, Sondex, Vicarb, FUNKE, Sigma (Schmidt-Bretten, API), Thermowave, HiSaka, and Accessen models.

From a single plate to an entire plate pack, Grano can always deliver to your requirements.