Large Pitch/Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger

Large Pitch Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Manufacture

GRANO wide gap plate heat exchanger/ wide channel plate heat exchanger plate type adopts a unique rough corrugated structure design and is suitable for media containing solids, crystals, fibres and slurries as well as high viscosity media. It fills up the special medium working conditions that can't be used in herringbone ripples, and because it has very good heat exchange performance and is easy to disassemble and clean and maintain, it can be widely used in sugar, papermaking, and food and juice industries. As professional heat exchanger manufacture, Grano offer high-quality products of plate heat exchanger.

Features of plate heat exchanger

  • The flow path of nearly 12mm width has no obstruction point and can prevent clogging.
  • Wide-narrow or wide-wide runner designs can be selected based on fluid characteristics and different process conditions.
  • Interface from DN25-DN500.

As the leading heat exchanger manufacture, we provide complete specifications of plates and gaskets for the customers of Sweden Alfa-Lava, Denmark APV, German GEA, American Tranter and Denmark SONDEX etc. such worldwide brands.