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American Heat Exchanger

When producing plates for our heat exchangers, Grano’s standard process involves the use of a single step with a large press. Other suppliers more commonly employ a multi-step approach with a smaller press. While this saves money for the manufacturer, it can lead to uneven plate thickness and zones of unpressed material where fatigue-related cracks can easily occur once the heat exchanger is in operation. Our single-step pressing method prevents these stress faults and provides uniform thickness across the entire plate. This secures increased strength for reliable, long-term plate performance.

Grano optimized plate pattern divider is a feature in the bigger plates of Grano heat exchangers. This design ensures a more rigid plate, preventing plate elongation and securing perfect alignment. As a result, the risk for leaks or damage to the plate is significantly reduced, meaning you can expect longer operation from every plate in the pack. Additionally, the increased rigidity makes handling plates during maintenance a safer and easier process.

Grano’s unique five-point alignment system ensures perfect plate alignment when closing the unit, while simultaneously making it quick and easy to remove plates during maintenance. Excellent plate positioning secures reliable mechanical performance and helps extend the life of your equipment.