Heat Exchanger Solutions

Solutions for open/closed circulation water cooling solution &lub oil cooling

Varied type plates well suit almost all kinds of requirements for processing and manufacturing which needs accurate temperature control. Also, the customized solution will save cost and equipments room for clients. PHE, which can be used as a steam condenser, oil cooler, closed circulation water cooler, generator stator cooler, generator hydrogen cooler or other else in power plant by a different type of plates and gaskets or different type of PHEs our products cater to.

Solutions for critical pressure and temperature

Fully welded PHE is perfectly designed for extreme working conditions such as high temperature and pressure with high heat transfer efficiency. In cases of strong corrosive media, organic solvent or superheated steam must be flowed in, fully weld PHE can be the best solution to substitute shell & tube heat exchanger or where gasketed heat exchanger which cannot be applied.

Solutions for critical corrosive media

Grano offers clients different types of the plate with variable materials in some critical working condition. For instance, if the working condition involves sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric and dilute sulphuric acid etc, we can offer our clients suitable solutions and plate materials such as Titanium, Titanium alloy, Hastelloy C-276, C-22, or SMO254, SMO654 etc.

Solutions for gas heat exchange

Air cooling system is suitable for gas-gas, gas- fluid heat exchange increasingly popular due to water shortage. Air cooling system can be used in power plant, air preheat system or cooling system for the metallurgy blast furnace.