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GRANO plate heat exchanger has good environmental protection performance, the overall unit operating noise is less than 70db, compact structure, and Beautiful appearance, easy operation, safe and reliable.

GRANO series plate heat exchanger unit is a complete set of district heating control equipment integrated with plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, supplement water pump, thermometer, pressure gauge, various sensors, pipelines and valves, and industrial control. System, voltage regulator system, variable frequency flow control system, heat metering and network communication control system.

GRANO stands at the forefront of the industry's technology and combines a large number of users' on-site pumping, valve selection, and on-site commissioning of electrical controls with GRANO's leading technology, rich experience, and standardized modular design to match unit components such as pumps, Valves and industrial control and other work, overall consideration, tailored to the user more suitable for user conditions, excellent performance of the complete sets of heat exchanger units. Including industrial control, the whole unit of the unit leaves the factory. The user only needs to install five pipelines and one power line on-site to the electric control box of the unit to debug and run the unit.

GRANO supply water heat exchanger, air heat exchanger and steam heat exchanger.