GEA Plates

GEA Plates

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers | Brazed Heat Exchanger

The Grano Plate Heat Exchanger product range has a wide selection of plates suitable for many applications in different industries. We offers GEA plates for all GEA Plate Heat Exchanger models, such as Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers.

Grano's standard plate heat exchanger product range consists of plates, including brazed heat exchanger, that are kept in stock allowing for unbeatable delivery times and price compared to other OEMs.

Order any unit from our standard line, and we guarantee delivery within 0-4 weeks, unheard of turnaround times for the industry. We're striving to deliver plate heat exchangers in dramatically shorter times, focusing the experience on the customer.

Speak directly with an Application Engineer about your new or existing unit, and they will guide you in selecting the most economical and effective solution for your needs. We've removed the possibility of misinformation by stripping away the layers of people in the middle providing direct contact with an Engineer. Other OEMs cannot provide this invaluable service to their customers.

By keeping over 10,000 plates in stock at all times, Grano has the ability to offer immediate shipment on most requests. Our turnaround time and price is unmatched in the industry. Grano guarantees every plate sold with equal or longer warranty periods compared to the original manufacturer.

Our extensive plate inventory consists: Alfa Laval, APV (Pasilac), Tranter/SWEP, GEA, Sondex, Vicarb, FUNKE, Sigma (Schmidt-Bretten, API), Thermowave, HiSaka, and Accessen models.

From a single plate to an entire plate pack, Grano can deliver your requirements.

Grano offers GEA plates and gaskets for all GEA Plate Heat Exchanger models below.